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History of… cm
The Car Mart has been in business serving Sonoma County and the Bay Area since March 1984.
Some of our customers are now 4th generation from the very first families who were selling vehicles in the early days.

What We Do
We offer over 3 acres of paved lot and 700+ car spaces for displaying your vehicle and provide a non-commission venue for selling and buying private vehicles. We are not a dealer or consignment lot. No reservations are required. Simply drive your car in, pay, make your sign and tear-off tags, park and lock. Our policy is first come, first served.
See our Step-by-Step page for details.

Added Value
We can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Friendly, expert people are available to answer your questions at the desk
  • We can help you contact the potential buyer or seller by phone (a cell phone is available for local phone calls)
  • If you need help, we can assist you in filling out DMV forms
  • We also have jump start battery pack on premises
  • An added sense of security to know our lot is patrolled after hours Saturday. However, you park your vehicle at your own risk and we are not responsible for theft or damage.
    PLEASE NOTE: All cars must be driven off the lot Sunday before gate is locked at 9 pm to avoid possible ticket and tow away! This rule is actively enforced by Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Prices (Cost per Space):
Cash payment only. Sorry, but we do not accept personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, credit cards or debit / ATM cards.

(Effective Beginning April 1, 2017):

Standard Vehicle Prices:
$30 / weekend
$20 Saturday or Sunday only
$15 adding Sunday if paid for Saturday

Specialty Prices:
Vehicles priced $2,000 or less:
$20 / weekend or $15 / day
Vehicles longer than 20 feet: $35 / weekend
Tires & Rims: $10 / weekend
Motorcycles: $20 /  weekend or $15 / day
SAME vehicle returning from previous weekend: $25 / weekend

    Please note there are no multiple car discounts. Sorry, but spaces paid for are not refundable, whether or not you sell your car.

Business Hours (Rain or Shine)

    Closed Monday through Friday
    (Sorry, no Friday night drop offs allowed)
    Open Saturday 6 am-6pm
    Open Sunday 6 am-5 pm

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